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What is LispBM?

LispBM is a versatile Lisp or Scheme-like programming language, implemented in C, with a focus on microcontrollers. It is designed to empower developers to work with microcontrollers like the STM32, ESP32, and NRF52, allowing you to embed LispBM in your applications as a scripting engine.

You can find the LispBM source code on GitHub, collaboration and contributions are welcome.

LispBM is an integral part of the VESC BLDC Open Source motor controller, starting from VESC firmware version 6.00. Additionally, it is incorporated into the VESC EXPRESS firmware, a versatile code base that facilitates the development of custom VESC-compatible hardware devices.

If you're looking to start your journey with LispBM, consider getting an ESP32C3 devkit and using the VESC Express firmware. This combination offers a user-friendly and feature-rich platform to explore LispBM's capabilities and develop your projects.

Success Stories: How LispBM Facilitates Creativity in Embedded Systems Programming

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LispBM Performance Evolution

The performance of the LispBM implementation continuously evolves as we introduce new features and engage in optimization efforts. We work to enhance its efficiency for microcontrollers, such as the STM32F4 running at 168MHz.

Below, you can find performance charts illustrating LispBM's performance on a set of benchmarks:

Performance on a small set of benchmarks. Performance (log scale) on a small set of benchmarks.

If you're interested in the technical details and benchmarks, you can explore our benchmark code here:

Benchmarks 2022_02_27


Work in progress LispBM programming manual.
Work in progress language reference.
Work in progress LispBM implementations documentation.

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